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Updated 2009-08-24

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To the Moore Cousins and their offspring:

When we meet, which is not often, we always ask "what are you doing now?" or "what are your kids doing?" or "where are you or your kids living now?".  So I thought, now that we all have computers, why don't we put some info on the web where we can all see it at our leisure.

I thought the best way to link to family pages is by the Moore's that were our mothers and fathers.  On the left you will see links to Charles (Allen), Richard (Dick), Florence (Florrie), Shirley, and Carolyn (Babe).  I thought about putting husband and wife, but then settled on one name.  If you have any thoughts on this, let me know.

I've put a picture or two in all families just for something to see.  I made separate pages for Marilyn and me under the Allen Moore page.  Would you like to do the same for your family? Send me the information and I'll do it for others if you want.  If you don't like the pictures, let me know and I'll remove them.  And, if you don't like the idea of a webpage for your family, let me know and I'll dump it. 


Wedding Annoucement
Married September 20, 1915

Charles Allen born November 19, 1916

Richard Malcolm born July 11, 1920

Florence Eleanor born April 10, 1923

Shirley Ann born May 20, 1925

Carolyn Marie born July 10, 1928
Charles Moore
Dora Moore